News about COVID-19

Dear Valued Customer,
We sincerely regret the current lead times we are experiencing for most orders and are doing our best to improve this situation as quickly as possible.
Please know we fully understand your frustration, especially if you were given a shorter lead time for orders placed in late March, April and early May.  Unfortunately, we’ve faced several obstacles since then; including a reduction in our staff as well as the availability of the materials needed to complete a number of formulas.
We are working diligently to restore sufficient inventory levels of the products which have been depleted due to the health crisis and we are pleased to say that many of our employees who were staying at home for safety reasons are returning to work this week.  We hope that over the next few weeks we will reduce the standard lead time back to 10 to 15 business days as opposed to the current 20+ days.
If you have worked with us for any period of time, you know that customer service is and always has been paramount to us.  Please be assured that taking care of your needs remains a priority and we look forward to getting back to a more normal lifestyle in all respects
Kindest regards,