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MSM 1000mg

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MSM 1000mg

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Edible Methods: take one (1) to three (3) capsules daily with meals

MSM (Methylsulphonylmethane) is a natural form of organic sulfur found in all living organisms. This natural compound, researched since 1979, provides the chemical links needed to form and maintain numerous different types of tissues found in the human body, including connective tissue such as articular cartilage. While MSM is a natural component of almost all fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood and meat, food-processing methods reduce sulfur levels, making supplementation more important than ever. LifeSource’s MSM is tested to meet a minimum 99.7% purity.

What is MSM?
Methyl-sulfonyl-methane (MSM) is a naturally occurring sulfur compound found in our bodies as well as in many common beverages and foods, including milk, coffee, tea and green vegetables. In its purified chemical form, it is an odorless, essentially tasteless, white, water-soluble crystalline solid. It is one of the safest substances in biology, similar in toxicity to water.

• MSM contains 34% elemental sulfur, by weight.
• MSM is a non-animal-based nutritional supplement and is an all-natural source of MSM.

Naturally-occurring sulfur, such as that found in MSM, is not similar to inorganic sulfides, sulfites and sulfates to which many people are allergic. In other words, people who are allergic to sulfa drugs will not normally react to MSM or dietary sulfur.

MSM is an organic form of sulfur found in all living organisms. It is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body (tenth most abundant in the known universe) and is found in every cell. Sulfur provides the chemical links needed to create collagen, which forms and holds the molecular structure of connective tissue. It forms the disulfide bonds in connective tissue that are the links in the glycosaminoglycan chains that form cartilage. MSM is an essential nutrient, not only for connective tissue, but also for all other tissues in the human body. Unfortunately, modern food-processing methods greatly reduce natural MSM levels in foods, so very little is obtained from the diet these days, unless your diet is rich in unprocessed milk, vegetables and grains. Sulfur is abundant in chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid, two constituents that support healthy joint function.

MSM is an extraordinary new dietary supplement that is amazing users and researches alike because of its remarkable benefits. Completely natural, MSM has vitamin-like effects that promote normal growth and repair damaged mechanisms in the body.

MSM is extremely important to human beings because it provides a unique dietary source of sulfur that we must have in order to function. MSM is a special biological sulfur, 34% sulfur by weight, found in all plants, soils, fruits, vegetables, and meats. According to Dr. Stanley W. Jacobs, M.D., from the Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, "MSM provides a good portion of the body's need for sulfur. Sulfur is an important building block." In fact, Dr. Jacob's comment might be an understatement. Sulfur, one of the most abundant minerals in the body, is a component of amino acids, vitamins, hormones, coenzymes, and antioxidants. Because sulfur is necessary to build "disulfide bonds", it forms part of the body's physical structure, including protein, collagen, glucosamine, skin, and nails.

One of the strongest effects of MSM is its ability to relieve muscle pain through the reduction of inflammation. People who suffer from sore joints or arthritis benefit greatly from MSM because many of the components of joints are made from collagen and glucosamine, which are both sulfur-dependent. People with arthritis report substantial and long-lasting relief while supplementing MSM in their diet in daily amounts ranging from 100 to 5,000 mg The beneficial effect is due in part to the ability of MSM to sustain cell flow-through, allowing harmful substances to flow out while permitting nutrients to flow in, and thereby preventing pressure buildup in cells that causes inflammation in the joints and elsewhere, and translates to pain. MSM, by equalizing cell pressure, treats the cause of inflammation, unlike an aspirin that would treat the symptom by shutting off the nerve.

The sulfuric content of MSM is also effective in combating various other health problems. The anti-inflammation effect of the nutrient relieves the painful bladder irritation of interstitial cystitis. MSM often works in easing the symptoms of scleroderma and allergies as well. MSM is an effective tool for preventing the everyday aches and pains common in people who suffer from arthritis and from symptoms that can become debilitating if left untreated. Jacobs calls it "... an important nutritional supplement. MSM is safe and useful." More ailments eased by MSM include gastro-intestinal problems, acid stomach, and lung problems.

Because it is needed to form crucial blood proteins and amino acids, the sulfur in MSM is essential to everyday living. Without proper levels of MSM, our bodies are unable to build good, healthy cells, making them prone to illness. When there is sufficient MSM in your system, your cells become more permeable, enabling your body to quickly flush out any undesirable foreign particles. If your body is sulfur deficient, the cell walls become hard and stiff, hindering the flow of fluid through the cell walls.

Here are some of the symptoms of MSM deficiency

1. Arthritis Conditions
2. Damage of the skin
3. Wrinkles
4. Scar tissue
5. Diabetes
6. Ulcers
7. Sore muscles
8. Migraines
9. Candida Infections 9 (albacans)
10. Fatigue-“Chronic”
11. High Cholesterol
12. Allergies
13. Acidity
14. Joint, back, dental pain
15. Systemic inflammation
16. Dermatitis



SUGGESTED USE: As a dietary supplement, take one (1) to three (3) capsules daily with meals.

CAUTION: Do not exceed recommended dose. Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under 18, and individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement.


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